Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ted Kennedy finally got something right! After years of watching him sit on his fat tookus, eyes bleary, jowls sagging, I was beginning to wonder if the last of the Kennedy wunderkinds was ever going to do something to draw attention to himself.
Looks like he did, when he endorsed Senator Barrack Obama over that Clinton woman.
For Obama, that was quite a coup, for Clinton, mostly a slap in the face.
While Obama is young,and may even be lacking in experience, he is far from lacking in fresh, new ideas. His stance on health care and the economy is a bright star of hope on an other wise dismal horizon for Americans.
While Clinton's on the other hand is more of the same tired old B.S. the Clintons and other hard line Dems have been espousing for years, and doing nothing about.
America is definitely ready for a change. Why elect a woman to the office of President if all she can do is repeat the same failed policies that she tried to implement ten years ago? Electing Clinton simply because she is a woman would be a disaster for this country.
If we, as Americans really want change; want a fresh new approach to politics as usual, then why elect someone who's basically already been there, done that?
A fresh, new appraoch to politics in D.C. really rests on the shoulders of Barrack Obama.
Yes, he is a black man, and yes we still, even in the 21st century still have a lot of idiots out there who are appalled at the very idea of a black man sitting in the oval office.
To them I say, get over it. Your brand of patriotism is, to quote Margaret Mitchell, "gone with the wind" or should be.
If we are entertaning the idea of electing a woman as President, then it makes equal sense to entertain the idea of electing the first blck man as President. Given a choice between the two, I'll take Obama any day.
He is basically untried, so he brings new ideas to the table, unlike Clinton who apparently hasn't a single original idea in her head, but rather is riding her husbands coat tails to the White House.
I think Mitt Romney said it best when he said, "you can't effect change if you keep putting the same people in Washington in different chairs."
Am I an Obama supporter? Certainly. Will I vote for him? Depends on who the Republican candidate turns out to be. I am, after all, a registered Republican, but even I am ready for a change.

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