Friday, March 02, 2007

Antonella, American Idol and the WWE

So Antonella is safe for another week! Hmmm! Why? She has a so-so voice, and zero stage presence. So why is she still on? Okay, so America can go to MySpace and see her in her provocative poses, big deal, so what?
As Simon keeps saying, this is a singing competition, not a beauty contest, and even if it was, I kind a doubt she would win any prizes.
I wasn't in the least surprised to see AJ voted out. He's cute, but he has just a so-so voice, too. The other two losers, who cares, besides their families?
Paula was her usual stewed self. Can we say disgusting?
And what is with Ryan for pity's sake? This is a munchkin in dress, but a munchkin nevertheless. He loves dissing Simon, who most likely could buy and sell the little man a dozen times over just with his pocket change.
Why will this people keep disagreeing with Simon. The man knows talent, look at Il Devo. He is a record producer for crying out loud. If that doesn't give him an insight into what and who will or won't make it, then who does. Ryan. He's a freaking DJ.
Okay, okay, so he plays music, but does that make him an expert on what or who will be big? I don't think so. Hell, I buy cd's and I listen to the radio, so if Ryan is an expert by virtue of listening to music, then so am I and so are you.
This season of Idol promises to be a real eyeopener into the tastes of middle America.
If they don't give it to Melinda or Lakisha, then America has zero taste in music and a tin ear!!
So wrestling anyone? I love the WWE.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have a major complaint. Okay, so its mostly major only to me, but hey, it's my blog!
Are you watching American Idol this season? I am, and I'm here to tell you it is painful in the extreme.
It looks to me as though America is fast running out of real talent, and what we are left with is now on Idol.
Okay, granted, there are some pretty decent singers on there, namely, Lakisha Jones, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Dolittle on the girl side and Blake Lewis, Brandon Rogers, Chris Sligh, Jared Cotter, Phil Stacy and Sundance Head, but sadly none of them, so far, have even come close to Carrie Underwood, or Taylor Hicks or Chris Daughtry.
I'm watching just to see if I can find that spark of fire the above named winners showed, but so far, zilch.
Now, I may change my tune as we progress farther into the show, but for now, I can't even find one I want to vote for.
I suppose the judges, with the exception of one that is, know what they are doing, but this season is just not up to par with the previous seasons.
Which brings me to my real complaint; PAULA ABDUL.
Why in the bloody blue hell Fox and the Idol producers don't axe that one is beyond me.
How did they come to the conclusion that a choreographer, a one hit wonder, could actually be a good judge of talent?
She contradicts everything Simon says, and most of what Randy says. The two guys, both music moguls know talent when they see it, or rather see and hear it, but Paula is worthless as far as I can see.
She offers no constructive criticism to these would be stars, preferring to lie to them and tell them they are truly talented. How does that help them to improve their games? It doesn't. It gives them a false sense of their abilities, and when the truth comes crashing in on them in the form of harsh criticisms or rejections, I can assure you they aren't going to thank Paula for her flattery.
I would much prefer Simon's blunt critique or Randy's oft times apologetic criticism to Paula's smarmy flattery any day.
And one other thing, I get so sick and tired of watching her slump farther and farther down in her seat as the show progresses and her speech becomes more and more slurred, her eyes blearier. She needs to start putting Coke in that glass and Coke alone!!