Thursday, April 12, 2007

America Can't Seem to Get it Right!

Another season, and yet more proof that America has zero talent sense! Don't believe it? Let's take a look back over the last five seasons, shall we?
So far, America has managed to get it right exactly one and a half times! One and half out of five, apparently, soon to be six.
IN season one, America decided that Kelly Clarkson was a better performer than Justin. Okay, maybe she was, but come on, do we really need another Britney, Jessica, Nelly, Gwen? Do we? I don't think so. my point is, Kelly, while she has a pleasing voice, she is no more talented than any one of the dozen or so other female singers out today.
So, as far as Kelly goes, I give her only half props.
Season two, we got The Velvet Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard. I was totally blown away when he walked away the winner. Not that he doesn't have a great voice, but was he really better than Clay? I don' t think so. What I do think, is that Ruben's family likely dialed their fingers to nubs voting for him as was evidenced by the tiny margin he won by.
So Ruben took season two, but Clay appears to be more well known and more prolific in his singing and appearances. So, America got it wrong in season two.
Season three. Fantasia Barrino. Hunh? Really? She was the most talented of the Idol contestants that season? Really? I don't think so. And I can't name a single song she has recorded. But, I'm sure those of you who voted for her probably can. So, she pulled it off, good for her, bad for American Idol. Our lack of taste is really beginning to show.
Now we come to season four. Bo Buice and Carrie Underwood, both wonderful performers and both more than worthy of the title. Carrie won, by how much I can't really say, and for the first time America got it right. However, America would have gotten it just as right if it had been a tie. Bo has a great rocker voice and style, and Carrie is the reigning queen of country, much to Faith Hill's chagrin!
Carrie has an amazing voice and her rendition of Heart's Alone knocked America's socks off! She very much deserves to wear the title of American Idol. And how many other past Idols can say thier first album went platinum? Kudos to Carrie and to America!
Season five? Oh my goodness! The Soul Patrol took top honors when America gave the title to Taylor, but once again proved that taste is relevant. While I loved Taylor and and his antics, I just knew Chris Daughtry was going to go all the way! I was flabbergasted when tone deaf, talent ignorant America voted him off BEFORE McFee! And Daughtry has proven he has more talent in his pinkie than Taylor does in his whole rhythm challenged body!!
Anybody heard "Home" by Daughtry? Sure you have, every Wednesday night when the loser is voted off the show! If Nigel Lithgow thinks Daughtry is good enough to be featured every week on the show, how could America vote him off?
Daughtry has an amazing, strong, very unique and easily recognizable voice and that young man is living proof that America has no ear for talent. And everyone thinks Simon is nutz!
And finally, we come to this years contest and Sanjaya Malakar! Wake up America. We had a Michael Jackson and there will NEVER be another soft voiced, crooner/rocker to compare,and certainly not Sanjaya! Proving once again that America has zero talent sense and is totally tone deaf!!
When Chris Richardson was in the bottom three and Sanjaya was left unscathed, I was floored. What the hell is going on? Chris can sing and perform rings around little Sanjaya,and does every week. I can only imagine what Simon and the other judges were thinking when Chris was voted in the bottom three! So, once again it's looking more and more like American will continue to get it wrong!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reality T.V. American Idol, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Deal or No Deal!

Okay, fess up. How many of us watch these shows? Come on, come on, it's okay to admit that you are one of the millions who are hooked on reality T.V. I am, and I freely admit it. My husband thinks there should be support groups for people like me, sort of like A.A. and AlAnon, and twelve step programs to de-program us, but I don't .
These shows are pretty entertaining, really. Take American Idol. Where else can someone like Sanjaya Malakar have adoring fans crying and screaming in an audience? NOWHERE! Come on really, think about it. Here's this geeky little, skinny guy with weird hair and puppy dog eyes who has this soft, pre-plastic surgery, pre- skin bleaching voice of Michael Jackson, and a few, and I do mean a very few of MJ's moves, who is STILL on the show.I don't know about you all, but for me, I have to watch every week just to see if he's still there. It is amazing what America finds talented, or is Sanjaya a joke? I believe he is. I was told there was a website that is set up so people can vote for the worst A.I. contestant, and Sanjaya is winning. So what does that say? They are deliberating voting for him to humiliate A.I. and to show America that organization and determination will win the day. So, Sanjaya is still in the running for your American Idol. As for me, I'll take Lakesha, Melinda or Jordin, real singers, with real talent.
So, now we move on to The Amazing Race. Did you ever notice that in every race there is a gay couple? Oswald and Danny this season, as All Stars. I love them, and personally, I hope they win, because they got guts, you know? But, my favorite team is Charla and Myrna. You gotta give props to the little lady, she is one determined cookie. Oh boy, did I say cookie? How about having to bite through 600 boxes of cookies to find one licorice one. Give me a paint brush!
My least favorite team, Kandice and Dustin. Beauty queens? Bullbutter! Snooty queens is more like it. They have zero personalities, and I'll bet neither one of them was ever even nominated for Miss Congeniality! Nasty bunch, those two. Yeah bunch. I know there's only two of them, but they are so danged annoying and snippy that they seem like a bunch. Boo! Be glad when they're gone and I'll bet if Eric and Danielle have their way about it the queens will be history at the next yield!
I was real unhappy when Rob and Amber were eliminated, but hey, if you can't spell Philippines, then...
And Uchenna and Joyce already won, so sayonara.
I think I'll enter the race one of these days. How hard can it be?
And now Survivor! That show drives me nutz!! Really. I have watched it since the second season and it never ceases to amaze me at the stupid decisions these people make. Hello, did any of them EVER watch the show? Why would any sane, rational person vote out their strongest and most useful players BEFORE the merge?
The object of the game is to go into the merge with the most members of your tribe intact, so you can pick off the opposing tribe members one by one, but no, these bozos vote off their strongest players and go to tribal council where they lose yet another player and then they cry and moan about numbers when the tribes merge and there is this lunatic scramble to create alliances with folks who are out to vote them off and win.
Now, if I was going to be on that show, I would research the location's flora and fauna thoroughly to see if I could find food for my tribe and make myself indispensable, by feeding them. A tribe must eat to stay strong and defeat the opposing tribe. Does anyone do this? No. They sit around and they whine and moan because they are hungry and weak, instead of getting up off their butts and finding food. It just amazes me, and what's more, it happens EVERY flipping season.
I'll bet the creators of that show are in hysterics laughing at how dopey people can be! If you're that goofy, you don't need a million bucks. I think I'll sign up for that show. How hard can it be?
And finally, DoND! Now you talk about dumb folks, greedy folks. These people take the cake. Seriously, if you are a waitress from East Bumbleflip, Kansas and you are making ten thousand dollars a year, why in the name of all that is Holy would you pass up that two hundred thousand dollar bird in the hand for that elusive and not bloodly likely to be in your case, million bucks? Does that make any sense to you at all? I'm goofy, okay, but I ain't stupid. People are just plain greedy. They have got to know that the odds of them having that million are about the same as winning the lottery, but greed wins every time and people cry and moan because they walk out with $750.00. You big dummies, you had a shot a two hundred thousand and you blew it? I don't get it.
I think I'll sign up for that show. How hard can it be?

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I thought I eased into that rather nicely, don't you?
I have been so lax in my blogging lately. No real excuse, if you don't count insanely busy chasing a two year old around the house three or four days a week!
There are a lot of things on my mind, but if you want to read one of them, you'll have to check out my blog at:
I think right now I am up in the air over the Orlando Police Department and their rousting and arrests of some homeless advocates last week.
Seems the city fathers in Orlando passed a law that no one individual or group shall be allowed to feed more than 25 homeless people at any given time. I know, it sounds stupid to me too, but that's the law.
Okay, so last week, a group of homeless advocates decided to splinter off and feed the homeless 25 at a time. Well, OPD, and Buddy Dyer in the mayor of Orlando decided to stake out the advocates and, are you ready for this? Actually count the number of homeless each advocate fed.
Needless to say, this involved OPD officers hiding behind trees and shrubs or cars and actually counting the homeless that came up to be fed. And you guessed it, some of those advocates actually fed a couple more than the 25 the city allowed, So guess what? The cops arrested these people and took them to jail for violating one of the stupidest city ordinances I have ever heard of.
Now, perhaps the rich and sophisticated folks who live in those ridiculously overpriced condos downtown do have their noses assaulted by the unwashed bodies of the homeless, and maybe the homeless are an eyesore on Lake Eola, but come on folks, if you were destitute, homeless and hungry, wouldn't you rather be homeless in the relative warmth of Central Florida than say New York City or Chicago? And if you were in their place, wouldn't you be grateful that there are people out there who place human comfort and life above that one million plus condo?
Rich folks don't get it and they never will. Instead of building more condos that likely will go into foreclosure in a few years because of the outrageous price tags, why doesn't Buddy Dyer and the city fathers take some of that vacant land and/or buildings and turn them into transitional homes for the homeless and staff them with volunteers? That would keep the streets of The City Beautiful, or so Orlando likes to bill itself, clear of the rabble and the snooty rich will no longer have to be forced to realize that MOST folks don't live the way they do!
Okay, I'm done with this bit.