Friday, October 19, 2007

It never ceases to amaze me how these young Hollywood stars , upon reaching the ultimate height of Super Star become completely brain dead.
When is having it all not enough?
Apparently when you are Britney, Lindsay or Paris. Poor, poor babies. So much wealth, so much fame, so much privilege and they are so unhappy, still seeking.
Seeking what for God's sake? Money? Yeah right. They have enough money between them to run a country for a year. Love? So the love and adoration of their multitude of fans isn't enough for them? How about the love of their families? Or, as in Brit's case, the love of her children? Nope, still not enough.
So, if love, fame and fortune are not enough for these three young women, what would be? I venture to say nothing.
Britney lost custody of her children because of her stupidity, nothing more. If she was that torn up about it, if she loved her children even a tenth as much as she loves herself, she would have done whatever it took to get them back. Instead, what does she do? She gets overnight visitation with them and proceeds to get that taken away. And does that slap some sense into that empty head of hers?
Apparently not, because her next brilliant move is to run over a paparazzi.Got to keep that pudgy little mug of hers in the spotlight, no matter what it takes. But, at what cost, Brit? Your children? Is this insane ride your on worth the loss of your babies? And what, pray tell will you tell your sons when they are old enough to understand the crap you've been pulling? What kind of an example are you for them?
And Lindsay, what's your freaking problem? You are wildly popular. You have millions of young girls emulating you, who want to grow up to be just like you. Mother's beware. Your teen could grow up to be JUST like Lindsay. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell wouldn't want my child to pull the stunts this little girl has pulled. Where is her mother? Where is her father? Grown or not, her antics would net her one helluva tongue lashing at the very least, but better, she needs that backside warmed for her. She may be Miss High and Mighty movie star, but she is still someone's child, and her parents needs to get a grip on her before she becomes just another dead Hollywood Starlet. Dead from excess seems to be the preferred method of suicide for these young women.
And Miss Hilton. I don't know what to say about you. Good God girl, you have the freaking world at your feet. So tell me, how does someone with your background become such an airhead? I do hope your brain dead act is just that, an act. For your family's sake, if not your own. Your antics speak volumes about your parents abilities to raise billy goats, less alone children. Didn't they see the road you were heading down? Or was making that fortune you flaunt so outrageously more important than their child? One can only wonder.
So tell me girls, when is having it all not enough? Why these extremes?


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