Friday, February 15, 2008

Clinton v. Obama

This race is getting tighter and more exciting every day. I love reading all the excuses and nonsense Clinton and her core group keep coming up with for why she is beginning to fall behind in the race.
She's waiting for Texas and Ohio to bail her out. Question is, will they?
Personally, I can't see either Texas or Ohio being drawn in by the 'promises' Hillary is making.
She really won't be able to deliver on her promise of National Healthcare now any more than she could the last time she was in the White House. She has all these grand ideas. Okay, so why didn't she implement them eight or ten years ago? All of these arguments would have been moot by now if she had.
Trouble is, any one of the candidates can promise National Healthcare, but none of them will be able to deliver, and personally, I don't think it's something we really need to get involved with.
Health care in this country isn't the best in the world by any stretch, but it is far superior to that in a lot of other countries, but how would it fare if we had a National Health Care Plan? It would take a lot of tax dollars to get that going, not to mention the drug companies would go ballistic if they were forced into a strict pricing guideline. And how about the doctors? Surely no one in this country is naive enough to honestly beleive that people are spending hundreds of thousands of dolllars for medcial school just to be paid a pittance by the feds for thier knowledge and expertise. Face it, money is the bottom line for most of these doctors, so getting them to go along with this plan is going to be tricky at best, impossible actually if you think about it.
But, the promise of health care for everyone aside, when is this country going to wake up and realize that letting the same politicains with the same greed, corrupt morals and dirty dealings keep runnning the country from different seats is never going to work?
Clinton is so busy slinging mud at Obama for his past misdeeds, she seems to have forgotten hers, but we haven't.
America does not need any more of the Clinton's bullying of the delegates, threats, coercion or empty promises. Hillary is tired and it shows, her politics are worn and outdated and it shows.
Obama is fresh and new and brings a bright ray of hope to this political weary nation.
As a registered Republican I have to say this: If Obama wins the nomination, as he by rights should do, then he will get my vote in Nov. If Clinton gets it, then McCain's my go to guy, and I think a lot of Democrats feel the same way.
Maybe they are as sick of the bullying Clintons as I am. Maybe they are as ready for a change as I am. Let's hope so. And let's hope that Texas and Ohio grow a pair and show Clinton that they are ready for a new direction like the rest of the country.

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