Monday, June 18, 2007

Bon Jour, mon ami. Bienvenir!

Ladies and gentlemen, c'ests mon grand plaisir to introduce, Monsieur Henri de Monmorency.

Hi Henry, welcome to Reading Rucker.

Henri: C'est un plaisir de grande d'ĂȘtre ici, Mademoiselle Linda!

Linda : So tell me Henri, how does a suave and debonair gentleman such as yourself wind up in the afterlife?

Henri: It was all in the name of love, Mademoiselle Linda. I was beheaded over a woman who meant the world to me. I hear she has been reincarnated in the 21st century and that is one reason why I am here. I need to find her. But, this is just my personal reason. The higher ups tell me I am on a mission to prove that the afterlife is alive and well. I have managed to do this through my blog at and through my book, The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost. However, my mission is still not complete until I find Annabelle, the love I was beheaded for.

Linda: As one of the dearly dead, do you find yourself annoyed because there are things you can no longer do? Such as kiss a woman, or hold her tightly?

Henri: Oh, mon cherie, such is the thinking of mortals. I can very much kiss a woman and hold her tightly. It happens to mortals every day and they don’t even realize it. Unless, of course, they are on the same communication level with the spirit world and then it’s like heaven has opened up its pearly gates…oh la la!

Linda: What is the funniest thing you have done in your spectral state?

Henri: What a great question, Mademoiselle Linda. I think the funniest thing so far was when I went into town to join Juicy – that’s my ghost friend who does not give sex to Henri – and I met the vampire author Caridad Pineiro. I thought for sure she was a vampire and as Henri is scared of vampires, I was afraid she was going to sink her teeth into Henri’s ectoplasm any minute; but truth be known, she was a very lovely lady who helped me with my fear of vampires. However, I still bring my garlic with me whenever I know a vampire is out. Just in case, of course.

Linda: Do you enjoy messing with those who claim not to believe in spirits? Ahhh, ghosts I should say. Lots of folks believe in spirits; vodka, whiskey, Tequila.

Henri: LOL, you make Henri chuckle. I have not been in 21st century very long and I am trying to learn 21st century customs so as not to startle anyone. Some people can see me and some cannot. The animal kingdom is another story. If you go to my blog at, you will read funny blog post about how animals reacted to Henri. There is one funny picture of a little boy…this makes Henri chuckle…I’m afraid he is not ready for Henri because I think I damaged him for life. I try not to do that because I want 21st century mortals to understand that all there is is a communication gap between the two worlds. Once we learn how to break that barrier, we can learn so much from each other. The spirit world knows everything. We know how mortals first appeared and we know where mortals will end up when their physical being has expired. If the mortals would just learn to communicate, we can tell them all they need to know and that is the problem with the mortal world – they do not trust us. So, it is I, Henri de Montmorency, who is put on mortal turf to help bring the two worlds together.

Linda: Tell me Henri, in life, what was your ideal woman?

Henri: You mean in my last past life? I have had eight incarnations. The last past life I was Grand Marshal of France and Governor of Languedoc. I was beheaded on the day before All Hallow’s Eve in 1632 by the order of Richelieu, a wicked man who did not agree with Henri on religious beliefs, but also because I was in love with his wife. He found out and Henri lost a head. I did not have ideal woman image in mind when I fell in love with Annabelle. I was not a pretty sight for women back in the 1600s. I was a hump back. But, Annabelle saw through my horrid physical state and saw the man inside.

In this life, I have no ideal woman because Annabelle taught me to look inside a person to see if the energy between the two connected. If it does, then there’s your intended mate. If it doesn’t, it may be for another reason woman come into Henri’s life. Take Juicy, for example. Juicy wants Henri all to herself and I try to explain to her that it’s just not going to happen in this life. The energy between the two of us are on a friendly basis, but Juicy does not see it.

Linda: So then in death, all you'd require is some skin? LOL! Seriously, don't you miss not being able to court lovely young women, without them running, screaming into the night?

Henri: Oh, no, 21st century woman love Henri no matter what. I have too many women now after Henri since the book deal. I’m quite popular with the ladies…LOL.

Linda: How long will you be staying around before you head off into the light?

Henri: Until my mission is accomplished. I have to prove that ghosts exist, promote my book so that my co-authors, Dorothy Thompson, Heide AW Kaminski and Pamela Lawniczak, will be proud of me; but most of all, I must find Annabelle before the higher forces decide it’s time for me to go.

Linda: Do you miss life?

Henri: Oh, Mademoiselle Linda, you make Henri laugh. Mortals are so ill-informed. When you pass from this life to another, the higher up you go, the better your life is. What state you are in now will be even better the next state. You climb until you find higher self. Henri is still climbing, still learning, and having a helluva lot of fun doing it.

Linda: Well, Henri, this has been most enjoyable. I do wish you much success in your hauntings and hope you find a suitable lady ghost to walk to the light with.
Thank you so much for stopping by.

Henri: Thank you for having me, Mademoiselle Linda.

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