Thursday, October 04, 2007

It is once again time for the Nanowrimo! I haven't ever successfully completed the Nono, but I have tried a couple of times. This is going to be the year! I feel it. I will finish it this year.
Of course, I've said that every year, but hey, this could be the year. Really, it could.
Okay, I guess I'll just have to show you. Stay tuned. I may even post the work as it proceeds, but maybe I won't. Maybe you'll just have to wait until it's on the best seller lists to read it. We'll see.
My poor abandoned blog has been silent for far too long. Time to rev it up again.
New topics, new rants, new interviews.
Check back often y'all and for Pete's sake will ya order a copy of my book, "Dark Ridge"? I don't want to be another Grandma Moses. I don't want to become famous AFTER I'm dead!!

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1 comment:

Julia Buckley said...

I'm sure you'll do it this year.

Last year, I found that setting a daily word target really helped.

Good luck!