Saturday, June 09, 2007

Vicki Taylor has tagged me for the MeMe thingy, so here goes.

1.I am a gypsy! Okay, not in the literal sense and maybe Nomad would be a better fit. But, for the last twenty plus years, I have had the Devil's own time finding 'home'. I have wandered, or rather, dragged my husband and kids from Florida to Georgia to Tennessee and back again a dozen times. Which leads me to ...

2. I am a very old soul. I've been reborn at least eight times over the last few centuries. Perhaps that is why I keep searching for home. I firmly believe in re-incarnation.

3.I adore chocolate, but I have to have it with something salty, like popcorn or chips. So, I have some peculiar eating habits. One that comes to mind is: Banana and Mayo sammiches with dill pickles and cheddar cheese. NOT on the sammich, I'm not that odd!!

4.My kids drive me to distraction. Yeah, they're all grown, but I still worry about them to the point of obsessing. Is that healthy? I don't think so.

5.I love to dance.I used to be able to dance, really well. Had the whole rhythm thing down and had some sleek moves. Now, I just shift left, and everything follows. It's a lot easier now, but, it doesn't look the same. And I embarrass my grand daughters ( both 12) when we are in the car, the radio blasting and Shakira's "My Hips Don't Lie"comes on and I start dancing. Wonder why that is?

6.I do not own a bathing suit. I would not be caught dead in a bathing suit. A person can only take so much humiliation.Tides are suppose to go out naturally, not be chased out.

7.I have a Shih Tsu. I hate small dogs. Why did I get a Shih Tsu? I have an insane cat. I don't like cats. Why do I have a cat?

8.I like everybody, except the ones I hate. I never get mad, till I'm pissed off. I'm always right, unless I'm wrong, but I'm never wrong, so I'm always right.

People I am tagging: Marilyn Celeste Morris, Mike Morris, Jennifer Ertner, Kim Robinson, Dorothy Thompson, Jamieson Villeneuve,Sandy Lender, Karen Magill

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