Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So, what do these women all have in common?

Come on, take a guess.Give up?
All three of these women are married to philandering husbands, or husbands who have 'philandered' at one time or another.
So, what is it that makes reasonably intelligent,successful, beautiful, ( with the possible exception of Hilary Clinton that is) women swallow their pride and stay with a cheating man?
Glad you asked that question. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with money, or in at least one case, power.
Take Vanessa Bryant, for instance. Kobe was accused of raping a young woman in his hotel room a few years ago. Went to trial, went on national TV, admitted to having sex with the young woman and tearfully begged Vanessa for forgiveness. And she did. Big surprise there, considering the pleas for forgiveness were accompanied by a four million dollar ring. Apparently, forgiveness can be purchased, if you have enough bucks. And Kobe certainly has enough of those.
Then we have A Rod's loving wife, Cynthia, who has been bombarded with pix of her loving hubby, A Rod prancing all over town with a big boobed bimbo stripper. Obviously the two of them are a bit more than drinking buddies, but, Cynthia had forgiven A Rod his indiscretions. And why do you suppose that is?
Apparently over the last few months, she has been rewarded for her blind loyalty to a cheating slug by lavish gifts of jewelry.
Again, apparently, forgiveness can be purchased with the right amount, and just as apparently A Rod has the right amount.
And now we come to the Clinton. The whole world knows of her philandering hubby's peccadilloes, um not so discreet indiscretions, and she has portrayed herself as the long suffering, loving and forgiving wife, who stands staunchly by her man.
But, we all know for Hilary Clinton the motives were far less apparent than a brightly shining bauble. For her, apparently the cost of her forgiveness was the ultimate in power. The White House.
I dare say that forgiveness, was bought and paid for by the promise of at least four years more in the White House.
Did you ever notice that Hilary was one of the very few First Lady's that didn't go in and immediately begin to re-decorate the White House? Why was that do you suppose? Likely because her sights were set on the Oval office, not the gardens or formal dining room of the White House.
Anyone who cared to open their eyes during the Clinton years could see very plainly who ran that Presidency, and it wasn't slick Willy.
There is a new book coming out in June, Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr. This book details Billy boy and Hilary's twenty year plan to reach the White House and even talks about their plan to ultimately change the current restrictions on length and number of terms a President can serve, in order to ensure that one or both of them remain as President for life.
Now, I haven't read this book, yet, and likely won't because quite frankly, I find anything to do with the Clinton's boring and wouldn't pay a plug nickel to read anything published about either one of them, However, this book might be worth looking into. If the guys who wrote it can prove their allegations, wouldn't that be an eye opener for those who are so staunchly supporting putting that woman in the ultimate seat of power.
I found Nancy Pelosi's behavior during her swearing in as completely less than professional, letting her grandchildren run around the Senate floor like they were on a playdate.
How much worse will things be if this country actually elects that woman as President?
Me, I'm a registered republican, but my vote this election will be cast for the best man and for me that man is, Barack Obama.
Of course, given the mentality of this country, if Barack is elected, I wouldn't give odds on him actually living to take the oath of office, and that is the sad truth .

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