Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We're finally down to the final four. So, let's start with Blake. I am not at all sure I want Blake to win this year. I don't care at all for the beat boxing or whatever it's called that he does . Why can't he just sing the dang songs and let it go at that. Some of his song choices would have been great had he not inserted that silliness of his. Still, the boy does have a good voice, but, it isn't anywhere near as strong and vibrant as it needs to be to win this competition. SO, for me, I 'm not voting for Blake.

Next we have Melinda. As usual, a strong performance, a great voice, but little stage presnece. Melinda has taken humble to a whole new level in this compoetition. If she wants to be a star, she needs to develope that star persona, or at least the illusion of it.
I think Simon is right on about her, his continued admonishments to accept that she has 'it' and run with it keep falling on deaf ears. After every performance, she stands there with this "Please I did good? question in her eyes. We all know she did good, now I'm beginning to wonder if this is all an act. Get with the program Melinda. it takes a lot more than a great set of pipes to win American Idol. You need charisma as well, and right now, you don't have it.

Then we have Lakesha. She is doing so good! This girl has come into her own in this competition. She has a great voice, has managed to build her stage presence to the point that I can actually see her as a star.
I hope she doesn't trade on her single motherhood to win, because that's already been done, by Fantasia. I didn't care for her, still don't. Lakesha has a great personality, and she seems to have a good time performing. I think stardom is definitely in Lakesha's future, and she can tell her boss at the bank that she is resigning, cause stars don't work in banks!!

And finally, we have little Jordin! OMG! That little girl can sing! She is far and above the rest of the idols in stage presence, and just star quality. I've watched Jordin closely during this season and she is going to be in the top two, if America has any taste whatsoever. Of course we are talking about America here, and as an American, I am not blind to the fact that insofar as taste and culture go, we rank somewhere slightly above an earthworm, but one can only hope that good sense will prevail and Jordin will win.
After Phil was booted last week, all of my attention has been diverted to Jordin.

Of course at this point, if you're a fan of the show, you have gotten attached to all of the remaining contestants, so you have to be rooting for everyone of them, just do me a favor and vote for Jordin, okay?

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