Friday, May 11, 2007

Michael Moore is at it again. Of course that should come as no surprise to anyone. Was there ever a doubt in anyone's mind that this mockumentary film maker would ever pass up a chance to thumb his nose at America and Americans?
He has managed to poke fun at this country in general and the current administration in particular for years now, from his movie blasting the auto industry in Flint,Michigan, "Roger and Me" to the ridiculous 'Bowling for Columbine" to his nonsense in "Fahrenheit 911" and now "Sicko".
I've seen them all, though why is still a mystery to me.
To give him props, he pretty much hit the nail on the head in all instances, BUT, my question to Mr. Moore is, "Why wait until this administration to start his campaign against America?"
Near as I can tell, "W" wasn't in office when the auto industry went belly up. And The Republicans weren't in charge when the USS Cole was bombed or the American Embassy in Lebanon. And why are the Democratic leaders past and present exempt from the health care issues of Moore's current film, "Sicko".
This country NOT having a health care system in place is not a partisan issue, or it shouldn't be. But, people like Moore strive to make it one, and the sheep of this country blindly follow his lead, howling for the head of the Republican leader.
While Mr. Moore's attempt to bring attention to our failed health care system is laudable, why did he wait until now to bring it to light? Just exactly on who's payroll is Moore?
And, how does this man get to thumb his nose at the laws of this country, (laws by the way that "W" did NOT put into place), and take rescue personnel to Cuba?
Do you think we are stupid Mr. Moore? Do you think that the average American is too ignorant to understand the lack of health care in this country? Trust me, we're not.
We certainly don't need someone like you to bring this to our attention. Millions of us face that truth every time we need a doctor, and have for generations. Your film isn't telling us anything we don't already know.
What it is telling us, by virtue of the timing of this newest slap in the face of America is that you, sir are a partisan buffoon who's only goal is to make certain your party gets in the White House this time around.
Okay, so you win, and more than likely the Liberal Democrats will once again rule the roost. So then does that mean that America will have a National Health Care System in place by 2010? Does that mean that the next president will not be out and about doing his or God forbid, her own thing? Does that mean we will at long last have that chicken in every pot; at least those of us who can afford the pot?
Why don't you put your energies toward actually making a difference in this country instead of stirring up the radicals who won't be happy until we are as oppressed as some of the third world nations people like Bono and Oprah are trying to help.
Use your influence on the "Me" generation to actually make a difference instead of creating even more conflict.
And, try to get this picture in your tunnel vision mind, be grateful that you can actually slip off to Cuba and continue to make these 'films' of yours, BECAUSE you are an American, not in spite of it.
And last but far from least, no matter how much rhetoric you spew, no matter how vehement your diatribe against America is, you, by virtue of being an American have just as big a target on your back as the rest of us. Your anger, your tirades, your protests to the contrary don't change a thing. Those who hate us will not make a distinction between you and I and they certainly won't make an exception to hating you simply because you are a dissident.
What I really find amusing is the fact that you fancy yourself a rebel. Rest assured Mr. Moore, you are far form the first and you certainly won't be the last. Fame is fleeting, enjoy your fifteen minutes.

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