Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Michael and I are working very hard to get W.H.A.T. up and running. We've sent out dozens of emails and announcements to various HIV/AIDS organizations and posted the information to several HIV/AIDS forums across the web.

We have a lot of friends with their own blogs who have graciously allowed us to post our group's intentions on their blogs and websites. Friends like Barbara Williamson -Wood, Dorothy Thompason, Sandy Lender, Laura Carwford, Joyce Anthony, Jeni Ertner, Ron Berry, Jamieson Villaneuve, and dozens of others.

I have utilized my blog on MySpace and I am currently working on a vidoe for YouTube. There is an awful lot of work involved in this, and while I'm not exactly surprised, I am a bit overwhelemd by the sheer volume of work involved.

I don't know what I thought, really. I guess I figured I would just post on the web that Mike and I were donating proceeds from the sale of our books to the fight against HIV/AIDS, but it has become increasingly clear that there is far more work involved. But, you know what? That's fine. I enjoy contacting peopple and getting thier take on our idea.

Very soon now, Mike and I will be accepting submissions for a series of e-books we are creating for sale, and all the proceeds from the sale of these books will be going to help those infected with HIV/AIDS and who can not, for whatever reason afford the necessary medications to survive.

We haven't decided yet exactly where this money will be sent, but we both agree it should be sent where ever there is the greatest need.

Mike and I are are eternally grateful for the support and assistance we are getting from a great many of our fellow writers. Folks like Dorothy Thompson, who is our e-book whiz kid, and Jeni Ertner who is posting about W.H.A.T. on an almost daily basis, to others like Jen Nipps, Sandy Lender and Schuyler Thorpe who lend a hand where ever they can.

The writing community is coming together in this fight, and the reading public is the one who will benefit, almost as much as those suffering from the diseases themselves. By getting other authors on board, we are introducing readers everywhere to some otherwise unknown and unbelievable talent; new and unpublished authors who might not otherwise ever have their books read.

W.H.A.T. actually serves a dual purpose, and while its primary goal is to help with HIV/AIDS relief, it will also draw attention to some truly remarkable authors.

So, please, take a monet to pass this information on to all of your friends. Feel free to blog about it, to copy this and other blog posts from reading rucker and be sure to pass on the link to our website:

For more information on W.H.A.T. or if you just want to say,"Hi," please email Mike or I at:

As with any worthwhile cause, it takes time and perserverence to get the word out about what we are trying to do. With your help, we will succeed and when we succeed, people infected with this deadly disease will have a chance at life.


Michael Witherspoon & Linda L Rucker

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Jeni said...

Thanks for the kind words there Linda. I've done nothing more than post what you two are trying to pull together whenever I think I can slide it in to a post. What has happened there though - and which I really was glad to see happen too - was that some folks, new to me, happened by my blog, read my posting, hopefully also read yours and Mike's piece on my blog, and from the comments they left behind, the word may spread a bit more. Maybe not as quickly as it will though through the efforts you and Mike are putting in this but spread, it will one way or another!

Wish I could help you two more! I'd love to contribute something to your book but short stories, novellas, anything with dialogue is totally out of my league. Now if you want an essay - let me know and I'm there!