Monday, January 15, 2007

I am pleased to announce that Author Jamieson Villeneuve, aka Jamieson Wolf will be appearing live here on Wednesday, January 17,2007 , just one stop on his whirlwind blog tour.
Those of you who do not of Jamieson's work are missing out on some spectacular reading.
Jamieson has penned several books, including his Electric series, "Electric Pink" and "Electric Blue".
His soap opera, Hope Falls, initially began as a serial novel, but quickly morphed into a series of novels, "Eagle Valley", Dragon's Cove," and now the spectacular "Hunted."
Take a tour of Hope Falls at: and become acquainted with the townsfolk, browse through the available rentals and while you're there, stay at the beautiful Pine Valley Inn.
Once you meet the residents of Hope Falls, you'll want to call it home, but, beware. There are secrets in Hope Falls, secrets and danger, and its best not to get too chummy with the year round residents.

Jamieson also has a brand new serial novel out. "At First Glance" But, its only available on his blog! Click on the link or cut and paste into your browser the following address to read "At First Glance."

Be sure to check in on Wednesday for my exclusive interview with Jamieson Villeneuve!

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