Monday, June 09, 2014

Bring back our America!

Watching the news every morning, it becomes increasingly clear that Americans are losing the battle to save our country, our way of life, our Constitutional rights.
How did we allow this to happen? By sheer blindness and stupidity, a fixed election, fraud, duplicity, lies, manipulation and let us not forget the complicity of the lame stream, alphabet media.
Every day we are bombarded by the ever more insidious antics of the man who calls himself POTUS.
WE have had more scandals in this administration than in any other in the history of this country.
We have a POTUS who continually violates the law, ignores the Constitution he has sworn to uphold and thumbs his nose at Congress while he takes his now famous "pen" and signs endless Executive orders that directly violates the law and surpasses his Executive powers.
And what happens? Nothing! There doesn't seem to be a Congressman or  Senator in DC that has the right to call themselves an American!
I'd like to know just what it is that these clowns are afraid of! Does Obama have pictures of them all in compromising positions? Is he making sizable deposits into their personal accounts, or is he holding their children hostage?
What is it that keeps these elected officials from impeaching Obama's
sorry, worthless ass?
How much more destruction does this idiot have to unleash on this country and her people before action to impeach and imprison him is taken?
But, an even better question is how much more does Obama have to do to we, the people, before WE rise up and take matters into our own hands?

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