Friday, May 04, 2007

Idol Gossip for today, and the War in Iraq

Yeah, it's a day or two late, but I was so depressed over the results that I had to take a day or two to recover from the shock. Well, maybe shock is a bit too over the top, I mean how does a person go into shock over a TV show? So, let's just say I was upset and let it go at that, but do keep in mind the 'shock' reference, okay?
So, I was not surprised that Phil was voted off, but honestly, after his performance Tuesday night, I was pretty sure he was safe. I mean come on, out of all six performers, he really did give the best performance by far. So, America spoke and Phil got the boot. I was this () close to heartbroken.
Phil's rendition of "Blaze of Glory" was wonderful, and he finally hit his stride with that song, even Simon said so, and Simon hordes his compliments like a pimp hoards his stable!
But what really threw me for a loop was the reprieve that Jordin got. Now don't get me wrong, Jordin is one of my favorites. That child has a great and powerful voice, but her choice of songs, by all rights should have been her death knell. So, how she managed to slip under the radar with her performance is a true mystery, to me at least.
SO, then Chris gets the boot. Why do you suppose that is? He did a great job on "Wanted: Dead or Alive" Not nearly as good as Phil did on Blaze of Glory, but certainly better than Jordin.
So, my guess is most of the 130+ million votes came form boys who think Jordin is hot.
Oh, well, there is still some great talent left. My pick will have to be Jordin. She has come so far in this competition, and her poise, her stage presence and her talent have grown exponentially.
Melinda is a star, and will be huge even if she doesn't win Idol, and so will Blake and Lakesha, so my votes from here on out will go to Jordin.

On a new note, I know everyone has seen the picture of the little eight year old boy,tears streaming down his face, his little chin quivering as he accepted the American flag from a U.S. Marine at his father's funeral.
That my friends is also the face of war. I was actually surprised when GMA had an interview with the boy and his mother this morning. After all, they are extremely proud of that Marine who gave his life for freedom. This husband and father was on his second tour of duty in Iraq, one he volunteered for because he believed in what they were fighting for and he knew all too well that freedom isn't free. For every right we,as American's have in this country, someone gave his/her life to secure.
Okay, so this is not a popular war, but come on, how many wars have been popular? None, but as long as there are men, there will be wars. It is encoded on our DNA and nothing short of complete annihilation of the human species is ever going to stop that.
All we can do as Americans is support the men and women who have volunteered for this war and let them know that we honor their sacrifices and we support their decisions.
I know, I know, a lot of soldiers didn't opt to go to Iraq, but didn't they? Of course they did. They voluntarily joined the military, they weren't forced to join. Remember, all we have is an all volunteer Army; there is no draft any more.
A great many of the National Guardsmen joined for the sole purpose of getting the Army to pay fro their college. What better way than to join the Guard. They can serve their two or three years, get a bunch of bucks for college and be able to use the Veteran's preference on things from jobs to mortgages. I'm sure it never occurred to them that joining the military put them on the front lines should war break out. And break out it did.
So, we have an all volunteer Army fighting an enemy we can not define, or identify. THis war is unlike any we have ever fought before. In the Civil War, The Spanish-American War, WWl, WWll, Korean conflict, Viet Nam we knew exactly who we were fighting and why. Of course in the VN war the enemy was often disguised as SVN farmers, but we knew who they were.
This war, we don't have a clue. The guy standing next to you on the street corner could well be a terrorist wearing an IED. The guy riding down the street, wife and kiddies in the car with him could be a car bomber. How can we tell? So, how does one fight an enemy one can not clearly identify?
Carefully. That's all they can do. And these men and women are doing the very best they can. We need their support, not our petty political spats for power here at home.
Congress threatens a veto of the Presidents veto. Congress is screaming for a pullout and refusing to sign the President's request for more money for the war and on it goes. If Clinton had declared this war, then the Republicans would be screaming for pullouts and his head. It's all political B.S. and the ones who are suffering for this nonsense are the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Send them the freaking money they need for the supplies they need to stay alive. Stop bickering over money that, by the way isn't yours to bicker over, and support these guys and gals.
Don't tell me or the rest of the world that you support your troops, but not the war. The troops are the ones fighting this war, not Kennedy, Clinton, McCain, or Bush. Their asses are not on the line every single minute of every day, and their families are not the ones who die a little every day that the news bombards us with scenes of carnage against our soldiers.
AS usual, this whole thing boils down to partisan B.S. The Dems v the Repubs. SO, my thought is simply this: If Congress and the Senate want to fight so badly over who's right and who's wrong, let them don a uniform and hie their fat asses over to Iraq and have at it!
Just remember the faces of this war, and remember this child's heartbreak, and temper your diatribe with against the war with compassion for the ones who are sacrificing everything.
Congress and Senate are sacrificing nothing.

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