Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Many Faces of Sanjaya!!

Sanjaya, Sanjaya,
My little papaya!

Is that not the lamest rhyme you've ever heard? Sanjaya, my little buddy, what are you thinking? Do you really think you're going to win American Idol? Huh? Of course you do.
Well, I've got big headlines for you my young friend- and for the rest of America.
This kid actually has a shot at walking away with the whole enchilada! Seriously, he does.
Come on y'all, you gotta give this kid props! He knows how to play to his audience. He not only knows how to play them, he knows WHO to play!!
Every week this little guy walks out on that stage and performs. Now, I'm not saying he out performs or out sings any of the other contestants, because let's face it folks, he doesn't! He's one of those high school musical performers that wouldn't even make the lead in a production of Oklahoma! And his dancing leaves a lot to be desired, so I think old MJ is safe. Sanjaya may have a couple of Mj's moves, but he lacks MJ's style and form. Well, maybe not his form, cause Sanjaya is every bit as thin as the younger MJ was, but let's face it, he's not the hoofer MJ is and likely never will be.
So, what then is it about little Sanjaya that has folks gathered around the water cooler every Wednesday morning yakking?
I'll tell you what, this kid is smart. A whole lot smarter than the judges and America in general gives him credit for.
Sajaya knows that he is up against some stiff competition, and he doesn't really have the talent to beat the likes of Lakesha Jones, or Melinda Doolittle or Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis or Chris Richardson or even Phil Stacey. The little guy doesn't have the pipes, but he does have the charisma to make the teeny boppers swoon and folks that's what drives this competition! The swooning teeny boppers who hang pix of Sanjaya on their bedroom walls and listen to him sing with tears coursing down their chubby pre-pubescent cheeks. These are the voters who are going to give this competition to Sanjaya, because they are the ones who decide who becomes a teen idol. Not you, and certainly not me.
These young girls could care less if the kid can carry a tune in a fifty gallon drum. All they care about is that his is young, he is cute, he is hot, and he makes them swoon. And they are going to make him big!!
And they're going to do this at the expense of some truly talented young people, like the remaining Idol wannabes.
All I can say is thank God for people like Simon and Randy who know true talent when they hear it, because without them, fantastic performers like Daughtry might well have fallen under the radar.
So go on and cry and swoon and vote a gazillion times for little Sanjaya kiddies. He can be YOUR American Idol, and he'll deserve it, because he knows his audience and he knows how to play them.
The rest of the crew, don't fret, you'll be stars in your own right and you'll have earned that title by your talent and not because you know how to make the teeny boppers swoon.
As for you little Sanjaya, all I can say is, more power to you, little buddy!


Dorothy said...

I miss my little Sanjaya...American Idol just won't be the same...;o(

Queenie said...

Good for people to know.