Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, after a very trying and interesting weekend and start to the week, I am happy to be back here blogging.
Had to spend three days in the hospital and I have to tell you all that it was zero fun!
First things first though, I want to say that Florida Hospital Waterman is one of the finest hospitals in the Central Florida area. The staff are extremely competent and caring. The doctors attentive and professional, but warm and friendly and the food actually wasn't bad. Not good, mind you, but not as bad as some I've had.
Waterman Hospital is state of the art with medical testing equipment and diagnostics. And I for one am glad they are.
I went to the emergency room after what I perceived to be a heart attack. I was taken directly into the treatment area and hooked up to an EKG machine., and form there it progressed smoothly and with a minimal amount of discomfort and fear.
Those doctors and nurses, lab techs, respiratory therapists, x-ray techs and nuclear med techs are wonderful people and I came away with a new found respect for the Doctors and Nurses at Florida Hospital.
Any, way I am happy to report that I am in good health, my heart is in good shape and my problem stemmed from nothing more than beta blocker BP meds!
For those of you on BP meds, if you develop a cough, be sure to ask your doctor if your BP meds could be the cause. You just never know!

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Jeni said...

Glad you're back home and all that was needed was a change of the meds! Amazing isn't it though how doctors come up with some of their diagnoses isn't it? Now, just stay well, OK?