Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm almost certain that there isn't going to be much done in the way of writing or blogging until next year.

There's just so much to do, and so little time to get it done.

For instance, I still have two teenage grand daughters to buy gifts for.

Now what in blue blazes does one buy a teenage girl? I have no earthly clue.

They love music, but who? I mean is it Hawthorne Heights or Jay-Z? Do they listen to Beyonce or Carrie Underwood? And who is this Fergie? Isn't she that redheaded gal that was married to the Prince or some such? So now she sings? Okay, no music.

How about movies. You know , DVDs. They are too old for the little dancing penguins in Happy Feet, but too young for that lunatic in Saw ll. Most of the movies they want, I can't watch. They're either too bloody, too gory or just too stupid. Like that Clerks Two movie. So, okay, no movies.

Which brings me to clothes. What's in these days? Everyone seems to raging about those "hoodies" Hoodies? We used to call them sweatshirts. So now they have a new moniker and now they are unbelievably popular, not to mention outrageously expensive. Now how does that happen? Two years ago a hooded sweatshirt costs me eight bucks, now it is thirty and up? Are you kidding me? And how about those jeans. You know the ones with the holes ripped in them and the frayed hems and the ass out of them? Yeah those, the same ones we threw out two years ago. Now they are in and now they cost eighty buck a pair. Why? Why can't the kids just shove them away in the back of the closet and wait a year or two, they'll be big again. And they'll save themselves a ton of money.

Obviously, there is nothing new under the sun. What was old is new again.

I guess for those two girls, the old standby will have to do. Good old cash! They can then buy whatever they want and I don't have to watch their faces drop, and their eyes grow wide with horror at the Back Street Boys CD I bought them.

And who is K-Fed? Wasn't he Mr. Brittany Spears? How is he now a wrestler in the WWE?

Well, I do hope you and yours have a wonderful and joyous season and for the reader on your list this year, let me recommend a good book- Mine!! Dark Ridge.


Anonymous said...

Happy Holy Days Linda. Your book is a great gift for anyone who loves a good suspense mystery. My novels, Awakening the Dragon and Dragon Domain are great gifts for those who love fantasy fiction.
Theresa Chaze--Blogger wouldn't let me sign in

Jeni said...

To quote someone who was in the news a good bit a few years back -"I feel your pain!"

Got a 15-year-old here who doesn't have a single clue as to economics - much like her father, my son-in-law, who is dumber than a freaking box of rocks. The charter member of the FM society in our household ya know!